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FitWit Brain Services – a professional membership and tools to support growth in your coaching practice

If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” ~Jim Rohn


FitWit Brain Pro Coaching Membership

For Coaches – by the Fitwit Brain Team

The FitWit Brain Pro Membership is designed to support the Coaching Community. Created to help passionate coaches get amazing results, we focus on your business, improving sales, honing coaching techniques, peer support, and your own personal brain fitness and happiness.

In the membership, content specific to the needs of coaches is shared twice a month, while creating an interactive environment to help solve coaching dilemmas. Our goal is yours – having a robust, rewarding coaching practice while helping your clents achieve more! 


FitWit Brain Mastery Coaching


Dr. Nancy and Coach Angela will coach you to your FitWit Brain Mastery. Using FitWit – Your Brain Game Plan online lifestyle mastery course as the foundation to your coaching strategy, you will move beyond where you ever thought possible. Renew your brain, improve your health all while working on strategies to boost your success!

FitWit – Your Brain Game Plan

FitWit – Your Brain Game Plan is a 9-week online course created by our FitWit Brain physicians that focuses on you and your brain health. Easy to understand videos and worksheets will guide you to create your individualized plan for better brain health.

No more searching for answers. FitWit – Your Brain Game Plan has all the information you need to transform your brain into the energetic, thinking and focused machine. You’ll be able to move forward with clarity and create the life you desire. 

You’ll be amazed at your life’s possibilities when you use this program to renew your brain! 

Nutrients in Ninety

Nutrients in 90

Welcome to Nutrients in Ninety. In this course, you’ll find short videos that focus on nutrients, supplements, and vitamins.  Most importantly, you’ll learn which foods contain higher amounts of the nutrients you need so you can get them from their most natural source. Check it out!

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