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Pain can be a real show-stopper!

We may feel the start of a headache, grumble about achy knees after exercising or wake up with a stiff neck. What’s your first reaction? How can I get this to go away? What can I take? You may not need to reach for medication because Mother Nature has given us clean, healthy natural pain solutions.Senior Man Suffering With Neck Pain Sitting On Side Of Bed At Home

Your brain is bendy

Your brain is your command center. It’s where you perceive pain. It builds networks and pathways which become well-worn, just like trails that form when you repeatedly tromp down grass. Your brain uses these well-worn pathways to form a link between a painful sensation and certain emotions, feelings, or behaviors that you experience.

Here’s the good news! Your brain can change its structure and how it functions. Your brain’s ability to adapt enables it to create new networks and new pathways. Painful sensations don’t necessarily have to travel down the same old pathways.  How about making new pathways – and break that pain cycle??

You just need to give your brain the right ingredients. You have more control over pain than you think.

We’ve created a handy guide that outlines many of these ingredients. Just click on the box at the end and get started with your instant download on Natural Options for Pain Relief.

Let’s learn from the experts

There’s a hidden Indian tribe called the Tarahumara Indians that live in Mexico’s treacherous Copper Canyons. Monument valley landscape view with dry tree and dramatic sky, ArizonaTheir members run well beyond the age of 90 – often up to hundreds of miles, over the course of several days. When one avid 90-year-old runner was asked,” how can you run so far at your age?” he replied, “Because no one told me I couldn’t.”

The Tarahumara run as a team and run for fun. That’s daily life for them. It’s estimated they can run 400 miles non-stop. They feed off each other’s energy and don’t waste it by stretching or warming up. They view running as a sacred and joyful experience.

That’s a real brain game-changer!

The Tarahumara don’t complain of stiff, achy joints and sore muscles. How do they do it? How do their joints hold up, and why doesn’t pain stop them?

Because they nourish both their brains and bodies with the best that nature can provide. Their love for running and their natural diet keeps their brain and body in harmony. Years of running and eating well have ingrained pathways in their brains, which have kept their minds and bodies moving like well-oiled machines.

The Tarahumara eat a diet high in natural, complex carbohydrates, like corn mush, squash, potatoes, agave, oranges, figs, peaches, and pinole (an ancient grain made mainly of ground corn, then mixed with cocoa, agave cinnamon, chia seeds, vanilla, and spices). They eat very little meat but do occasionally enjoy barbequed mice and small river fish. Beans are their most significant source of protein. Their favorite drink is a concoction of chia seeds dissolved in water, with a tiny bit of sugar and lime. Chia seeds are packed with omega-3 fats, protein, antioxidants, and fiber. This translates to a diet high in starch (fiber-filled, energy-packed carbohydrates), polyunsaturated fats (the omega-3s), protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Hmmmmm. Maybe the Tarahumara are on to something.

Natural Pain Relief – Join the Movement

Though most of us don’t run miles and miles every day, it sometimes feels like we have. Many of us have neck, low back, knee, and hip pain and stiffness. Sometimes the discomfort makes it nearly impossible to sleep at night, do household chores or happily anticipate house guests.

Pain is a sign for you to wake up. It’s a sign for you to change your ways and pay attention to some triggers that may be undermining your health and happiness.

 Here are some triggers that cause chronic inflammation and ultimately joint and muscle pain

  • Foods reactions – this may be the biggest culprit. It’s likely you have one or more foods in your diet, which may be causing food allergies without even realizing it! Food that causes inflammation in your body can be subtle, making it difficult for you to identify it. The biggest culprits are gluten, dairy, eggs, shellfish, soy, and nuts. In other words, your body may be fighting a battle each time you eat.
  • Environmental toxins like smoke, pollution, and mold toxins.
  • Unintended ingestion of plastics, herbicides, and pesticides.
  • A poor lifestyle which includes lack of sleep, lack of exercise (or maybe even too much!), and too much stress.
  • High insulin levels (insulin resistance) from a diet high in simple sugars (carbohydrates) and low in nutrients. Studies have found that overweight men have higher levels of white blood cells (inflammatory markers), making them more likely to develop chronic illnesses.
  • Nutrient deficiencies – it’s now clear that modern food contains fewer nutrients than foods grown decades ago. This is due to soil depletion of vitamins and minerals and current farming techniques. Nutrients are needed to power up your weary cells, keeping them healthy so they can ward off the harmful effects of inflammation.
  • Genetic make-up which causes the turning on and off of genes (due to any of the above factors).

What if you decided you’re no longer comfortable taking anti-inflammatory medications daily? What can you do to feel better, be more productive, and less painful?

Consider Natural Treatment Options for Pain

Pain affects millions of Americans every day.

The term chronic pain is used when pain lasts longer than three months and does not respond to the usual treatments. When you have Tired young woman with neck and back pain standing in the living room at home.chronic pain, your body hasn’t turned off the pain messages to your brain, even though the original source (stress, emotions, injury or overused joints) may be gone. Your well-worn brain pathways continue perceiving pain as if it’s still there.

When it comes to conquering your pain, it’s worth giving natural treatments a shot. It’s time to enjoy your work, family, and social life.

Think back to the Tarahumara Indians and consider their diet – foods they gather on the run – natural foods packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals. Their selections include fruit and vegetables high in starch that deliver energy – no added toxic, man-made chemicals. They eat polyunsaturated omega-3s, which are anti-inflammatory. These healthy choices provide the Tarahumara enough fuel to go and go and go – and no stopping because they’ve lost their motivation, or they’ve developed achy stiff joints.

Just think how much more energy we could have if we ate like the Tarahumara.

And…..the next time chronic pain gets you down, consider trying a more natural route to relief. Here’s how. Fill in the colorful box below to get your instant guide on how to treat pain naturally.

Always remember to check with your healthcare specialist first before embarking on new lifestyle habits.

AND, don’t forget to click below to get your instant guide on Natural Options for Pain Relief.