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Why do you coach?

To help people. You became a coach to change people’s lives. You’ve always known deep down that people have more potential than they Feminine hand holding a trophy outdoorsthink they do.

They can feel better, and they can heal their mind, body, and spirit with time and the right input and understanding. In other words, people can be more fulfilled, healthy, and happy!

You already have the gift to see this in others….and that’s why you coach.

You’ve studied, sacrificed your time and energy, and spent your hard-earned dollars to get credentials behind your name, so you can show others that you’re qualified to help them.  But really…. when you look inside yourself, you may still have doubts. You may even feel like an imposter. What you must realize is YOU are the expert that your clients need!

How can you get the best clients?

How do you find those who will work with you and remain motivated and willing to try new things? How do you find individuals who are committed to taking new chances, and even boost your energy in the process?  In other words, how do you partner with clients in whom you can really make a difference, while also enjoying the success of a positive, sustained outcome?

Here’s a great way to start…

Plan a discovery interview. One of the best ways to stress-bust and start off on the right foot with a new client is to take a sneak peek at each Interview with clientother before you commit to working together. It only takes a few minutes to see if you’re a good fit. If the judgment you make towards one another is negative, partnering for an effective and lasting relationship may be more harmful than helpful – for both of you.

On the other hand, if you and your potential client really hit it off and find yourself filled with excitement and energy during the conversation – you definitely should work together to help your client achieve goals.

What is the discovery interview?

A discovery interview is a session you have with a client before you start working with them on a regular basis. This is commonly done over the phone. This interaction gives your potential client a chance to learn more about how you’ll work with them and your expectations of how they’ll work with you. You’ll also get a chance to discover their needs, what motivates them and the outcomes they hope to get.

A discovery interview certainly makes sense if you’re a coach. You may think – this is a weird way to do things. Haven’t you always felt obligated to coach everybody who reaches out? Remember again why you became a coach. Because you have the insight, drive, and knowledge to guide clients towards identifying the obstacles they must overcome along the pathway to their final goal. Not all clients will be a perfect fit with your coaching style and not all clients are ready to take the plunge.

Should you charge for the discovery interview? Probably not or if you do – you should call it a coaching session but charge less than your usual fee. After all, using this technique, even if you do it for free, has massive benefits by identifying your right clients.

Here’s the secret to partnering with more coaching clients

Don’t coach them in the Discovery Interview.

If you manage this discovery session like a typical coaching session, you may find your prospective clients walking away from the session feeling “done.” It may be because a sample session is focused on selling your coaching program rather than attracting the individual to what they already know they want – the vision of their ideal future!

If you want to be more successful at enrolling new clients, engage them in their own story. Their story is unique. Treat it that way. Give them Friends finding directions with a mapa chance to describe what the vision for their future is. Help them feel the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. Then tell them how you can help them close that gap. Give them a couple of examples of how you’ve helped other clients realize a similar vision.

Next, let your prospective client know that recognizing their obstacles to success are sometimes the biggest hurdle that they face. You are there to gently help them recognize the fears and doubts that may be holding them back. Remember – as a coach, you have developed the gift to see those hurdles. Let your client know that you’ll be there to pick them up and dust them off when they stumble along the way. No judgment – you’ll be their best advocate.

The discovery interview will save you time, frustration, and tension by…

  • identifying the clients with whom you can achieve the most
  • screening for clients who are most likely to show up to their appointments
  • partnering with clients who are motivated to help themselves and 
  • gathering successful clients who will share their achievements with friends and family……. getting you more high-quality clients in the future.

The more enrollment conversations you have, the easier it will become. You’ll find yourself undergoing a powerful mindset shift. Rather than giving action steps, advice, and homework at each visit, you’ll find it more natural to guide and empower your clients. They’ll plot out and proceed along their pathway using their unique stories and their final vision as their foundation for success. Only then, can they realize lasting, positive results.  Isn’t that why you love coaching?

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