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For Coaches Who Want More!

Why do you love coaching? 

  • to partner with your clients as they realize their dreams?
  • to choreograph your clients’ successes?
  • to have control in your career?
  • to earn a healthy living so you can have the freedom you deserve?

You are a coach, now what? FitWit Brain Pro Membership provides brandable tools, guidance for practice growth, marketing strategies, and experienced peer support.   

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FitWit Brain Mastery Coaching

If you’ve been scouring the internet for answers, but keep getting lost in advice from the “experts,”  it’s time to get moving. Jump into the game.

You’ll work directly with the creators of FitWit – Your Brain Game Plan to develop resilience and tackle subconscious barriers that have been holding you back from your life’s purpose. That’s the superpower of coaching!

If you are milling about the starting line and you want to win this race, you’re being called to your lane now. FitWit Brain Mastery Coaching is for you!  

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For Motivated Health Seekers

Have you ever wondered why your brain doesn’t seem to be firing on all cylinders? Do you: 

  • have trouble concentrating or sleeping
  • experience anxiety or sadness
  • worry about your future because you’ve noticed a loved one sliding down that slippery slope of dementia? 

Take heart, because we’ve got the solution for you! We’ve created a free 4-part video series with your brain in mind.  Whether you’re trying to lose weight, sleep better, get motivated, or improve your mood and concentration this will start you on the right track. It’s easier than you think!

For Coaches

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Brain Health Secrets

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Made by professionals, for professionaIs.

Here’s the best way to increase client engagement, sustain results and adhere to an action plan. Offer a foundational brain renewing program along with your expert guidance.

Family Grocery Shopping TogetherLet’s face it, lifestyle and habits will make or break your client’s ability to reach their goals. Poor nutrition, unhealthy choices and irregular sleep habits can make your best efforts ineffective.

The FitWit Brain program will provide your client the knowledge and steps to refine sleep patterns, stabilize brain chemistry and improve mental outlook. This winning strategy cements  a strong foundation to reach goals and strengthens your coaching relationship.

Your professional expertise coupled with root-cause driven educational programs provides powerful tools you need to guide your clients to the life they desire.

Whether it’s personal growth, professional growth, weight loss, addiction, relapse prevention, pain management, anxiety, depression, or other impulsive-compulsive behaviors, our system supports your client’s brain, while you work your coaching magic.

Isn’t it time to take your clients, and your practice, from the challenges of what’s now, to the possibilities of what’s next?

You and your clients will benefit!


The FitWit Brain Team

Nancy Sturtz, MD, MBA

Nancy Sturtz, MD, MBA

“Our thoughts and emotions drive our behaviors…

Dr. Nancy Sturtz and Dr. Susan Gross are Board Certified Internal Medicine Physicians with additional certification in Functional Medicine.  Using their online program, FitWit – Your Brain Game Plan, they have seen remarkable improvements in people’s happiness, health, and achievements. 

They are also sisters who love to share the latest methods to improve health while empowering proactive steps to decrease reliance on medications by coaching the whole person, not just treating the disease.

Susan Gross, MD, Ph.D

Susan Gross, MD, Ph.D

“repeated behaviors become habits…”

Both Dr. Nancy and Dr. Sue have learned what works and what doesn’t.  Through their extensive studies and years of working with patients, they’ve developed a deep understanding of the benefits of knowing “why.” Knowing why an illness or behavior is occurring can help empower you to take the steps to heal.

They’ve worked with people from all walks of life with many different physical and mental health struggles and have seen improvement using their proven methods.


Angela Swolsky, CPC

Angela Swolsky, CPC

“our habits create our direction in life.”

Angela Swolsky is a board-certified CDCA-II, a life coach with nearly a decade of experience, and co-creator of FitWit Brain. In addition to maintaining a private coaching practice, she works with coaches, counselors, and recovery centers to implement the FitWit Brain philosophy into their client’s existing treatment plans.

Lifestyle Mastery

Lifestyle Mastery

“Are you happy with your life direction?”

Today, both our physical and mental health are being challenged like never before.  If you’re ready to take a proactive stance, feel your best, and live your life to its fullest, then you’re ready to become a FitWit.


You can change your life with the FitWit Brain Lifestyle Mastery program.  It’s a brain-centric program built to develop optimal physical and mental fitness. FitWit Brain will help you discover what is keeping you from reaching your goals. You can be the master of your life. It’s easier than you think!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FitWit Brain?

FitWit Brain is a suite of cutting-edge brain health strategies designed for coaching professionals and their clients. There are three pillars to FitWit Brain.

  1. FitWit Pro Membership is for coaches who want sustained results for their clients. The Pro Membership provides brandable tools, guidance for practice growth, marketing strategies, and peer support. By using FitWit – Your Brain Game Plan online course as a foundational tool, you’ll get your clients to move forward and sustain their achievements with more ease.
  2. FitWit Brain Mastery Coaching is a coaching program administered directly  by the creators of FitWit Brain. Using FitWit – Your Brain Game Plan online course as the foundation to the coaching experience, we dive deep to discover the barriers to forward movement in the client’s desired areas of life, business and relationships.
  3. FitWit – Your Brain Game Plan is a 9-week online program created to enhance brain function. Easy step-by-step tools and tips will get you to your goal. Regain your motivation, energy, health and fitness!
Why would you want to be part of FitWit Brain?

After many years of working directly with patients in our medical practices, we’ve come to realize that there is still much to be done to truly benefit clients and health seekers. Education is the key to understanding the “why.”  FitWit fills this void so you can focus on what you love.  We all have our areas of expertise, but for best results, we need to come together. FitWit Brain is designed to do just that.

FitWit Brain is a comprehensive educational program that focuses on lifestyle, diet, exercise, psychology and many other areas that improve wellbeing. We’ve found that when you upgrade your brain function – motivation improves, mood improves and health improves. 

We’ve witnessed many of our clients decrease reliance on medications, gain more meaningful relationships and come alive again with purpose. 

Using the FitWit Brain educational system with your clients will allow you to focus on strategy while they work on foundational knowledge. Your clients will achieve better results, stay more motivated and you will have a powerful tool to add to your professional expertise.  Your happy clients will quickly see results and so will those they love!

What is the FitWit Brain Pro Membership for Coaches?

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FitWit Brain Pro Membership

What do my clients receive when they purchase FitWit – Your Brain Game Plan?

Your clients will have indefinite access to the 9-week online course focused on brain health. FitWit – Your Brain Game Plan includes entertaining educational videos discussing the latest in brain health, nutrition and fitness. Your client will learn how to improve sleep, decrease stress, discover food reactions causing mental and health issues and other brain-boosting topics.

FitWit – Your Brain Game Plan’s Time for Action will assist your client in deciding the next steps to take in their individualized plan.  You’ll work directly with your client to develop the necessary steps to get results.  Your clients can reference the materials of the course at any time as they move toward their goal.

Take a quick look at the course curriculum. Look here!

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